Automating with marquee / select tool

Is there a way in Ardour to insert automation in a similar way to tat demonstrated here (from the 6min mark) ?

Basically they are selecting a bit of a region using the marquee tool, then dragging the automation line up. This creates automation points automatically at the start and the end of the selection, so the range can be boosted or cut as needed.

At the moment if I want to boost a section in Ardour I would

  • Go into automation mode
  • Make 4 automation points, two at the beginning and two at the end of the section I want to change
  • Click and drag the line between the inner automation points to apply the boost / cut

Is there a better way?


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Yes. I think (if I remember well) you just use the range tool and select the region. A green volume line appears and you can just drag it. But it is not “automation” exactly, I think, but it does what you want.


I see, that looks promising.

Do you know if it possible to do something similar on an automation track, rather than just track gain? As far as I remember you can’t range-select on an automation track as it doesn’t contain regions.

I’m at work at the moment so I can’t play around with it and find out!

Yes it is. At least in Mixbus but pretty sure it made it’s way into Ardour as well.