Automating effect volume/mix without changing the midi instrument volume

Keep in mind that simply mixing a percentage of the dry signal with a percentage of the wet signal is rarely the correct way to fade effects in/out. In most cases this will likely produce a phasing effect or comb-filter and may also introduce other artifacts.

One of the few cases where mixing dry/wet is correct are reverbs.

The point is that only the plugin knows what the correct way to interpolate the signals is, and hence the plugin has to provide a dry/wet control if it is appropriate.

So would the “solution” to said DAW ‘problematics’ be to have virtually every feature a DAW could imaginatively have? That’s crazy, as in reaching for the moon with human hands.

Good luck and kudos in pleasing everyone. Has it ever worked for anyone, however?

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PS. One way to accomplish this is described:

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