Automating autotune

I’m trying to apply x42 autotune to a couple of segments on a track. I wanted to basically shut it off until needed. I tried showing the automation lane for correction, bringing it all the way down, and then pulling it up in the required sections. When I pull it all the way down, it mutes the track. Is there a way to automate the bypass button?

There is no way to automate the bypass button of effects unfortunately.

Automating the correction knob shouldn’t mute the track, it works fine for me. Are you sure something else is at play here?

Maybe duplicate region on two channels, one autotuned and the other not, and then trim regions so one or the other is active at any given moment. (I’ve done this when I needed some drastic EQ to kill a screeching harmonic on a single note, though in retrospect I could have done that with automation)

Alternatively render (stem export?) autotuned version of track, re-import and edit together the required regions taken from the original or autotuned version. No automation required, and you have a single composite channel for further processing if required.

Yeah sorry. I tried it again and it worked. The only thing I can think of is that I went inti the wrong lane and edited the gain for that track.

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