Automatically rename regions after trackname and location marker (LUA?)

I am looking for away to rename a selection of regions after their trackname + the location (marker) they are linked to. Is there an easy way to do that?

I bet this must be possible with a LUA script, but I am a bit too unexperienced in scripting to make this happen. In case, has anybody already scripted something like this?

I think this should be possible with Lua. I have a bunch of scripts in this repo that do things related to region and marker names. Nothing that does exactly what you want but perhaps they will be a good starting point for you.


Thanks for the reply and the link. Via a google search i did find your repo already and i am using a couple of the scripts. Thanks a lot!

I have tried to rewrite them to fit my purpose of renaming the regions, but did not succeed yet

As it happens, I just wrote an Ardour Lua script that almost exactly does that, it just uses range markers, instead of location markers:

The script currently only considers audio regions, but that’s easy to change by removing lines 34-37.

Thanks! Will have a look at them

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