Automatic waveform replacement

Is there any way to replace an entire track with a sample waveform and have it line-up with the waveforms in that track?

Basically, my snare isn’t triggered during recording, so the various hits are loud or soft or rimshot or whatever the case may be. I’d like to copy that track and then replace all those hits with a sample clean hit… but that’s a lot of cutting and pasting! My drumming is very dynamic so even creating my own loops would only get me so far (as far as creating longer spans). Is there a feature in Ardour I’m not aware of that can do this, or is creating a new track and ‘lining them up’ my best case scenario?

Ladspa trigger?

It almost looked to good to be true… and it was (sadly). Would appear that plugin isn’t x64 compatible and/or a pain in the butt to get it to work.