Automatic updater from within Ardour

I would love an updater within Ardour. Something as simple as “ username and password” to verify that you are a subscriber and then it runs the updater.

Is that on the bucket list of things in store for Ardour?

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We have no plans to do this.

If you’re using an rss aggregator, you can use this:



(fwiw Podcast Addict (Android) can also be used to use discourse RSS urls.
more details about it can be found over here, - ‘Subscribe to a forum keyword by e-mail’ )

No need to use RSS, binaries from do inform users when a new version is available. The open-session dialog displays a message (and a link to

Still, updates have to be performed manually. This is mainly because you may not want to update while in the middle of a production.

teheheh but can ardour run on Android? XD – he can be nicely notifed on his phone too with Podcast Addict :slight_smile:

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