Automatic refresh when editing wave file with an external tool

I’m using external tools like audacity to work on wave files that I have in tracks in Ardour.
I would like to know if there’s way to get Ardour to automatically detect that the wave file has changed and to reload it. At the moment I have to remove the wave in Ardour and reload it manually, loosing the position, fades settings, etc…

There are no plans to allow this. Ardour is supposed to be non-destructive. files never change.

Exprort/Import, copy-on-write is the proper way to handle this. Adding this as feature copy-file, call external-editor, re-import has been on the ToDo list for a while.

Anyway if you quit Ardour, and only change a file’s content (leave duration as-is), Ardour will pick it up on session-reload.