Automatic Quantize

I hope I didn’t miss this while I was searching the forum, but are there any plans or ways to set an Automatic Quantize while working with midi? Other apps can do this to help reduce the time to edit as you go. Simply open the automatic quantize, set your parameters, and the notes will be corrected by set parameters as soon as either the loop is restarted or if the person stops the recording/playback.

That said, I know there isn’t a count in at this time, but that would also be amazing in helping to speed up midi production in Ardour. My hope in the future is that I wouldn’t have to go outside of Ardour for any of my audio and music needs.

Thank you and great work! My son and I are having a great time learning and using Ardour.

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Hi, there’s a similar feature when you right click on the midi region > (name of the midi region) > MIDI > Quantize.


Hi HW. Thank you for the reply. I know about the quantize tool that is already in Ardour and unless I’m mistaken it handles it the old school way where you would quantize the region after the fact. (Record some bars, right click on the region, then quantize.) What I’m looking for is something that would do this for the entire project on its own without any further intervention after setting the desired parameters at the beginning of the project. It’s a feature I absolutely loved in Reason and really sped up my workflow when creating music.