Automated panning in multichannel context

I know about how to automate panning for two channels. My question is, is it also possible with Ardour6 to create panning for a bigger channel combination, e.g. if I wanted to have a panning over 43 channels, can I do that with Ardour?

Greetings, Amir

Although Ardour has a builtin VBAP panner (with a not very good GUI for controlling it), it does not allow automation. So currently, once you go above 2 channels, there’s no panner automation with ardour’s builtin tools. You would need to find/write a plugin that could do this and automate that.

Thank you for your reply!
Could you give me a tip as of where to look for existing Ardour plugins?

There’s really no such thing as an “Ardour plugin”. Ardour runs plugins created in a variety of plugin formats (LV2, VST2, VST3, AudioUnit) for a variety of platforms. There are many websites that list plugins (KVR Audio is a well known one). The right plugin for you will depend on many things, not least of which the platform you are using.

If your use case is VBAP, you might want to try the SPARTA Panner. It’s the only native Linux VBAP plugin I know of and you can control it using automation.

If you want to do Ambisonics, you can also try the plugins by Fons Adriaensen or Matthias Kronlachner.


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