auto stop at marker?

I have been searching on the forum and web for a solution to the following. Hopefully someone can lead me in the right direction.

I am using Ardour 4.4 with Ubuntu Mate 15.04 and i have created a session with one track that has multiple wav files, that are individual tunes, one after the other, with a short space between them. I have created markers at the beginning of each wave file so that I may jump from one wav to the next for rehearsal purposes. In Cubase 7 (sorry) and windoze10 (sorry) i could do this exact same scenario, but I had the option when playing back, to use “play to next marker”, at which point, once it played the particular wav file i had started on, would stop at the next marker, which was another separate wave file, another tune.

All i have been able to find is the option to “Stop at the end of session” in preferences, which would be great if i could add multiple “ends” instead of markers, but I have not been able to find any info on that one either.

The reason i would like to find a way to do this “play to next marker” function is that I am a guitarist that does a “one-man-band thingy” with the computer, and with cubase it was very convenient to use a midi foot controller to map functions such as to start playback that would automatically stop at the next marker/song in the session.

I know that Ardour is not really about live performance functions, but ardour sounds so awesome compared to cubase and windoze 10, using the exact same audio hardware and computer, that i would really like to finally make the jump into full-on ubuntu music making.

Thank you for any help/insight you can provide…


This not exactly what you could do with cubase, but you could:

  • Create range markers for all your songs. Drag region start markers to start of songs and end markers to end of songs.
  • Now you can jump from range marker to marker with keyboard commands q and w. You can find all Ardour keyboard shortcuts in Menu: WIndow / Key Bindings.
  • To play a range, right click on a range start marker and select “Play Range” from the menu that appears. Playback automatically stops at the range end marker.

You can rename range markers by right clicking on one and selecting “Rename Range” from the menu that appears.

I’m a hobby musician and I use range markers all the time. I record some ideas on the Ardour timeline and create range markers for each idea. Then it is very convenient to export each idea in its own file by right clicking on a marker and selecting “Export Range”.

You could use a midi controller (foot pedal) as start and stop. If you zoom in a bit or alter the space between the regions, stopping at the right place is easier.

Make a feature request in Mantis and maybe “play to marker” will be added sometime.

Thank you for your replies! I hadn’t realize that creating ranges also will create end markers. i’ll try and see if that works for me. The midi foot controller was kinda what i was thinking if there was no alternative to the “play to next marker” in ardour.

Thanks again!