Auto-monitor MIDI tracks

Hi everybody, my name is Phil and this is my 1st post here, I’m testing Ardour and so far it has been an amazing experience. The program in itself (3.2-217-g146fca3) is rock-solid and the ergonomics are really impressive.

There is one simple thing I cannot figure out though : Using my keyboard, I hear all my MIDI instruments on all my MIDI tracks playing together. Ardour automatically creates creates a MIDI connection from my keyboard to the “MIDI_in 1” of any new MIDI track (using alsa_pcm, according to the jack connection graphc - I’m not using a2j).

Right now because I’m an imbecile and have not found the way to monitor my MIDI tracks within Ardour, Everytime I want to play an instrument on a single MIDI track, I have to explicitely disconnect every other one in the jack connection graph… I must be doing something wrong.

Open the mixer window. Above the plugin area is a green button with a DIN plug on it. Click it. Now you have disabled MIDI input on that track. Click it again to enable it again.

Ah! I knew It was simple. I guess I’m too accustomed to how the last 2 DAWs I used (Live and then QTractor) do things : Automatically un-select the other MIDI tracks.

Thank you for your quick answer, and not mocking me too much :wink:

The mocking comes later:)