auto adjust sample latency

I’m not sure this is the right place for feature requests (it might be that I’m missing a hidden setting feature).
Something that would help work flow would be an auto adjust all track/plugin sample latencys to match what gets displayed in “tracks and busses” window. I seem to, repeatedly, have to go through every track adjusting. Also it would be nice to be able to adjust left and right pans independantly (in A2 you could).
Kudos developers.

pevsner: the a2 model of panning was really deeply flawed for almost all users.

I am not clear what you mean regarding adjusting sample latencies.

Hi Paul,
In A3 “tracks and busses” window it displays (for eg) “playback delay:512 samples” for individual tracks and for plugins (only the lv2 IR plugin for me infact). I was just wondering if it was possible to have an option to automatically apply the changes rather than have to go through each track/plugin applying each time mix changes are made. Either a “one button to apply them all” or “enable auto delay compensation” for example.
Re: panning, I wasn’t aware it was flawed in A2, but obviously believe you seeing as you’re the main developer, it is nice to have full control over L,R placement though. Currently I am using the Artican, function plugin for this (which also allows you to vary L,R levels) which would be cool to have built in.


There is nothing you could do with the old plugin you can’t do with the new one, but it is a different way of doing things I will admit. Some things involving automation details I could see being more difficult however.


err panner, not plugin, sorry.


Hi seablade.
The stereo panning seems locked about the center ( maybe I am missing something ) whilst indeed you can achieve the same it’s a bit more fiddly than in A2, where L & R moved independantly. Also on A2 you could pan the sends in A3 not (yet again I might be missing a feature), which I found useful. For example when sending drum tracks to a room effect buss, and then widenening or narrowing that buss relative to the main (dry) kit, I like to adjust each of the sends panning a tad, mainly high-hat/cymabls, to fit nicely on the stage.
The main reason for my origional post was to suggest an automatic “adjust playback delay compensation for all” (as displayed in the “tracks and busses” window and on individual plugins) as I seem to be manually doing that quite often.

pevsner: correct stereo panning involves only two concepts: width and position. If the width is set to 100% then it is not possible to move position, since width = 100% implies full signal spread across both speakers.

This is all explained in the manual:


Some people have suggested that the width should collapse automatically if you try to move when it is set to 100%. Others have vehemently objected to that idea.

pevsner: also, in a3, the send panning is coupled to the main panning, which fits most workflows correctly. It is possible (at the code level) to independently control send panning, but this requires some GUI innovation that hasn’t been implemented so far.


Thank you for clarification on those points. Mixing is a fluid/crazy art, the more flexibilty the better, but I understand what you’re saying technically.