Hello everybody!
My name is andrea from italy.
I’m just new here,
I’would like to know wicth digital audio interface will work better on ardour, with ubuntu i tried with the focusrite saffire but i gived up.
may someone suggest me a few examples about what should I buy?
thanks a lot!

I have used the M-Audio Fast Track USB and The M-Audio Delta 1010LT PCI card. Both are well supported in the linux world.

and rme multifaceII , but not the firewire-cards, works out of the box…

so the best thing is the pci way?
what about 001 dididesign?

Digi stuff does not work under linux.

You cut a lot of the middle man out with Delta 1010LT PCI cards. You can finds these on Ebay for less than $150 US.

If money is no object than the RME stuff is nice and well supported.

Chck out this link here.

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) project homepage

This will give a list of supported sound devices within linux and a great overview of audio in linux in general.

Edirol FA 101 full supported by ffado works fine even with a Yamaha Motif rack ES connected to the FA101’s optical, also this digital audio interface is connected to a pci firewire card with a Texas Instruments chipset!

Yes if you go with a firewire device make sure your firewire controller is the Texas Instruments Chipset.

Do not use VIA.

PCI and Firewire are no the only way, I use a fast track pro USB interface from M-Audio with great success