audio won't import into a template

New to Arduor. Love it. Running successfully on an Intel core 2 MAC. My audio files come off of a hard disk recorder, I work primarily with live recordings.

I can import 14 tracks into a new session just fine. I can add busses, routing, effects, etc just fine. I can save a template to use again for my next 14 tracks (I always record the same group right now, 14 tracks, same channel assignemnts each time).

If I open the template I cannot import audio into it. I have been able to get a single channel, but no more. I’ve tried all channels at once, individually, don’t know what I am doing wrong. The track(s) show up in the region list, but no wav’s display and no audio is present anywhere.

It will save me huge amounts of time to use a template and be able to bring 14 wav files in as 14 tracks, to not have to build busses, routing, and effects each time.

Any ideas?