Audio with delay, and how use vst plugins

Ardour compiled with vst sdk 2.3

The machine have 2 sound cards (actually 3, EMU 1820 doesn’t work under Linux).

One card is a Via, the other is Soundblaster live 5.1.

Ardour uses the Via card with an audio delay about 15-20 milliseconds. Audio, not MIDI. Haven’t got MIDI working.

Can i get rid of this audio delay?

How can i use the SB-live card?

How do I use vst plugins and where do i put them?

It would be nice to get it working so i can make music with a real OS and abandon (Win)DOS.


Under Linux

What period setting are you using when firing up jackd.

A lower setting will reduce this delay (latency you are experiencing) but the system will not be able to process as much (less plugins e.t.c.)

I personally use the following line

jackd -R -d alsa -d ice1712 -r 44100 -p64

This results in a latency of under just over 1.5 ms. which is almost unnoticeable (tested by doing a/b comparison from Mixer (prior to hitting sound card so 0 latency) to Tape Return (software output).

I hope this helps.