Audio(wav)-Import, set 4/4 by range + pitch-shifting

Hello, I´m new to this amazing ardour piece of work and - sorry - my english is not the best :wink: I´ll try to express myself, anyway.

I would be happy to get answers to a few special basic questions - or as well for good LINKS to places, where I can find information like these myself
(more/other than the official ardour tutorial and ben powers).

Besides: I´m working with a Pentium 2,4 G pc, 1 G ram, simple soundcard onboard (Asus), Ubuntu 7.10.

My questions are:

– Importing a WAV-audio sample a l w a y s gives me this in ardour log:
“[WARNING]: programming error: unknown import mode string als neue Spuren”.
Nevertheless I can work with them. -?

– I would like to edit the displayed Timecode and Beats as based on a single piece of range - for example:

  1. I import one audiofile
  2. mark it as range
  3. then I want to define the basic 4/4 in this project by its length = displayed as 4/4 in the “beats”-line on top and in the projekt background as fine lines.

– I was really happy and looking forward installing ardour 2.3 because of its pitch-shifting (Transponieren) function!
But it doesn´t work proper an my machine:
sometimes it works fine, other times ardour simply shuts down and is gone!??
(( Oh this moment I found a reply in forum by “peppo”, a warning-note: “pitch shifting and transposing for trimmed regions is broken right now, but …”. Thanks for it. Real pitty! ))

Thanks a lot for reply!

The import problem is fixed in 2.4 (and by extension 2.4.1)

To define tempo/meter by a given region, select the region, then go to the Options menu, and you will find an item that allows you to set this. This also requires at least 2.4.

I hadn’t seen Peppo’s comment, but I do know that we have a fix for that crash, though its not the repository or in a released version yet.

Thanks for your interest in Ardour.