Audio visualization

How do I get audio visualization in ardour? I know ardour has those 2 spectral analyzer or whatever they are called in the mixer area but there is only 2 of them so it is not a “normal” audio virtualization cause normally audio virtualization has many more bars then 2.

I’m not quite sure what you are looking for but here are some suggestions. If you are referring to metering, there’s the meter bridge available via Window -> Meter Bridge (alt+B). Via the plugin manager you can find an inline scope and spectogram (ACE). The x42-plugins also available via the kxstudios repo contains all the visualization stuff you could ever want (VU, LUFS, true peak, K-meter, phase, goniometer, bitmeter etc). I think Robin still has a Black Friday sale going but the “Utility” plugins (including a handy oscilloscope and spectrogram) are free.

Since Ardour 6.3 you can also run the Loudness Assistant or Loudness Analysis and Normalization (LAN) tool to get LUFS analysis of the master bus. That includes the export analysis graphical display as part of the results:

There are plenty of other visualization tools available via the various repos but without more detail I can’t drill down to specifics.

So I looked at the x42 plugins website you linked and I noticed there was a download button and a button to buy a license what does that license change with those plugins?

If you get the official plugin binaries from, some are commercial and won’t work without a license: The GUI will be inert and fade to black after a while.

Thank you for clarification.

Also a suggestion from the consumer side is you should have that link right above the purchase button.

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