Audio Stretching Quality

Hello, when I test out audio stretch Quality I find I like the results but then it had a weird hollow sound to it, I was planning on using it to extend certain words or phrases to extend longer to adjust overall vocal performances but I’m sad it will hinder audio quality.

Will using audio recorded at a higher sample rate allow for the stretching to perform better? Is also tried many of the different settings but i still feel it sounds weird. Will ardour 6 optimize this feature or have any updates in regards to these type of features. I find them very useful but I’m sad the quality is just not there

There are many different settings for time stretch. Which ones have you tried?

Different sampel rates will not affect it.

It was a vocal, I tried the monophonic and several other ones, not sure if I tried them all but I didn’t use one that was for percussion

In which case you’re probably stuck. Proprietary timestretch algorithms represent many man-years of “polish” which does not exist for any open source/libre software version. It is hard to create that incentive. Rubberband is about the best we have, so if it can’t do the job right, there’s more or less no alternative.

There is one other library, called Soundtouch, which uses a different algorithm (WSOLA, if you care). It is generally worse than Rubberband, but on a few types of instruments it can do better. Unfortunately, integrating both into Ardour and providing the choice of which one to use was deemed to be an unwise use of resources (by me) several years ago.

Oh ok I understand, is there any types of audio instruments that Rubberband is good for or works best with?

I have used time-stretching in Logic Pro X, and I have never wanted to push it that much either. It would be good if at some point a user can do a comparison.

I have a feeling Rubberband is worse, but I haven’t found a video or audio example of exactly how much worse.

UPDATE: I found this:
Disregard the whole: 44100 isn’t enough to time-stretch rubbish.

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