audio stretching like pro tools and studio one, logic etc

Hello I wanted to dive in more to Linux and ardour. But I’m not sure if ardour is ready for me yet.
I use audio stretching alot on other daws. But I’m not sure if ardour can stretch audio like for other ones where you can out bend markers in a track and then adjust the audio and the rest of the audio outside the bend markers won’t move the rest of the audio. I’m not sure if ardour can do it like that .
Any know know if not please make it a upcoming feature

Short version is no, it won’t do exactly that if I am understanding you correctly.

You can take any region and stretch it in time using the time stretch tool, with results dependent on settings and the regions you are dealing with. So if you don’t need ramping from one speed to another, you can do it in Ardour by splitting your audio into different regions and stretching appropriately. But if smooth ramps in stretching are what you are after, which is what it sounds like, I don’t think you will be happy with Ardour’s current implementation.

That feature would likely require a lot of work to implement as I am understanding you are describing I believe. Not out of the question, but feature requests should definitely be logged in Mantis (Click the Bug Tracker link at the top of the page) so that they don’t get lost, and check to see if there might already be one for this in there as well.


I’d love to see stretch markers (or however you’d call them). Fast and easy way to quickly time audioevents like dialogue.

In Ableton they are called “warp markers.” In Logic, they’re Time Slices or some such thing. We need a standard term, they are a standard tool by now.