Audio slicing

Today, i’m manually slicing my drums audio files
under ardour by making regions.
That’s working fine but the matter is that
if i change the tempo of my song, the audio regions
stay at the same place.

I thought it would be great to have tool for
locking a region to its ‘musical’ position.

And of course the ideal would be to have an
audio slicer in ardour :slight_smile:

did the audio files come from a software like hydrogen or did you record a real drum set ? If you talk about software drumming, it would be maybe wiser to do the work within hydrogen and record after. This said, the functionality you’re talking about would still be very useful, namely locking regions on bars or beats, regardless of the tempo. Maybe it is already possible. I never really had to do this …

i think this would definitely be a useful feature. it would help a lot in all sorts of genres, but especially electronic type music. with the rubberband library, maybe you could also choose for the sounds to ‘stretch’ as well if required.


lock-to-music-time will likely be added before 2.3 is released (feb 5th)

split-region-at-transients has already been addded.

now go pay up, please :wink:

I did pay! :lol: