Audio regions position & tempo

Is there any option in Ardour to set up the possibility: audio regions follow the tempo grid/(or not follow), when we change the tempo? For example, when we make a drum pattern using audio samples and want to change the project tempo. What we need to do, that all start positions of samples could move with the grid?


Right click on the region, follow menu to Region name, then Posiiton then Glue to Bars & Beats

This will NOT change the actual tempo (or length) of the audio - Ardour is not Ableton Live, but it will keep regions so marked at the same position in musical time.

Thanks, Paul! It works)
For drum parts it’s enough for me… I just check for possibilities&limitations)
On the side, about midi regions I’ve noticed: when I change a fast tempo to slow - regions becomes trimmed (some last midi notes of each region (quantity of trimmed notes depends on how much I’ve changed the tempo)). Therefor I have to un-trim midi regions every time I’ve change the tempo.
(In a reverse situation, when I change a tempo from slow to fast, midi regions become overlapped in their end’s areas)