Audio playing after deletion

(Narfwin) #1

Hi, i am new to ardour and i am just trying to figure out the basics of how to do anything with it. One issue i have been encountering is that when i delete a selection of audio/midi, the sound that was made by the deleted area still plays out no matter what i do. How do i get this to stop and let me delete stuff normally?

(Robin Gareus) #2

Do you mean a region on a track, or a track?

If you mean Track, perhaps you have only hidden the track, not removed it? Check using the left-sidebar in the mixer-window (or right side in the editor after showing Menu > View > Show Editor Lists), if they’re still present and only hidden.
There are various ways to remove tracks: e.g. the global menu or via track-header context menu (editor/mixer).

If you mean audio of MIDI regions on a track, that would be strange. I’ve never experienced those to keep playing after deleting them. – What version of Ardour is that, and on what OS?

(Narfwin) #3

Oh, i was just hiding it. How do you actually delete it then?
Edit: Never mind I figured it out. Thank you for your help!