Audio on playback too fast on another computer

I have Ubuntu Studio installed on two different machines, one is in the sound booth connected to two Presonus firepods for recording of 16 channels. The other is in my office which I use to edit. When I copy the Ardour session from the recording computer to my office editing computer the audio on playback is too fast, any vocal sounds like an elf. Why would the two different computers change the speed the audio plays?

I was having a similar problem. The sample rate may be too high with Ardour on your other computer. For example, if you recorded a session using a sample rate of 44100, and opened it using 48000, your playback will sound sped up. I fixed it by simply changing the sample rate to 44100 before I opened my session. If that doesn’t work, you may have a different problem.

That said, Ardour uses libsamplerate, which is supposed to automatically resample your files according to what sample rate your session is…I think. Hopefully someone can come along and straighten this up.

in this matter, jack rules. If you have a samplerate mismatch, you will have to restart jack with the right one.