Audio/Midi track type gone?

according to the manual, there should be a track type called Audio/Midi which is especially helpful for autotune plugins like gsnap. I cannot find it in the dialog, though.

Alternatively, one could always add a midi port to an audio track. I tried this but somehow the MIDI does not arrive. I also tried the reverse, i.e. add a MIDI track and then add an audio port to it. This kind of works but it does not let me change the volume of the audio…

Any help would me much appreciated!

Thanks a lot in advance,

Hi! After you add the MIDI port to the audio track be sure to then delete the audio ports. I use this method all the time for my VSTi work when I just want to record direct to audio (using the post-fader disk I/O via context menu of mixer strip). I think the Audio/Midi type track you refer to is now discontinued.

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ok. so just to check whether I got it right. The workflow would be like this:

  1. I have a separate MIDI track already added.
  2. I add an audio track and record my vocals.
  3. I add a MIDI port to the audio track and delete the audio input ports of it.
  4. I connect the MIDI input port of the audio track to the MIDI output port of the MIDI track from 1.
  5. I add gsnap to the audio track and it should get both the recorded audio and the MIDI from the midi track so it can correct the pitch.

Is this correct or am I missing something?

Thanks again!

I’ll be honest…I’ve never tried what you are suggesting. I know enough about how to set up what I already outlined but no more really. Having said that, I’ve just quickly set up your workflow with routing midi track output into the audio track’s midi port and it seems to be possible at least. Whether or not it does exactly what you need with gsnap is another question :wink: You’ve piqued my curiosity though.

alright. thanks again. i will try this out after work and report.

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Audio/MIDI tracks in Ardour5 were MIDI tracks with an additional live audio input that was never recorded.

If you do want identical behavior, you can add a MIDI track and then add an additional audio input (without removing the MIDI in).

However a much easier and also more flexible solution is to use sidechains:

  1. Create an audio track
  2. Create a MIDI track
  3. Add the vocoder Plugin to the audio track
  4. Open Pin-Connections of the vocoder plugin
  5. Crete a MIDI side-chain (if it wasn’t automatically created)
  6. Select the MIDI track as source (from the dropdown)

great! this works just as i would like it to work!

thanks again to all of you for your help!

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