Audio/midi enginer error loading session

Hello all.

I just updated to Ardour 5.8 from the ardour website and having recorded a whole load of drum tracks and the like I am now getting an error trying to load my session.

When trying to open it I get the loading screen for a few seconds then ardour just disappears. If I try checking the “safe mode:disable plugins” option I get the following:

“Cannot configure audio/midi engine with session parameters”

Not quite sure what the issue is. A google around found a bug in 5.3 related to missing imported files. I did import a couple of midi files but I removed all but one from the session, and that remains in it’s original location on the SSD I’m using.

Not really sure what I have to do with this now. I dont really want to lose my work and start again.

Any ideas what is going on?



Running ardour in a terminal yields the following last lines of output:

"Failed to register port “Click/audio_out 1”, reason is unknown from here

Warning: Program ‘/opt/Ardour-5.8.0/bin/ardour5’ crashed"



So I backed up my .ardour session file and went in and started fiddling with the original… and got it loading!! (I’m more shocked than anyone that I didnt further break it).

So all I did was go into the section of the file and change the name from “Click” to “Click1”. I did this wondering whether the name was causing the issue (maybe conflicting with the internal click function??). Anyway, I changed all the references to “Click” to “Click1” (but only in the section), saved and loaded up the session - and it loaded with no issues and plays. The offending audio “Click” track is still present as well.

If this has the whiff of an issue that anyone wants to try to track down, or anyone has an idea on the real reason for the problem feel free to post up and I will do whatever is needed.

Cheers (and sorry for spamming up the recent activity notification).

We already try to prevent tracks from being named “Click” but there are still ways for users to accomplish this, which as you’ve seen causes problems. We will try to fix those other methods so that they no longer allow this name, for the next release.

Looking at the .ardour session file it seems that in the upper regions of the file where tracks sources are defined it is named “Click-2” but this isnt the case in the section. I dont understand how this works properly so maybe the Source is defining an alias(?) that is used - just thought I’d mention it in case it is of assistance.

If theres any other info that I can provide to help then let me know.


"Looking at the .ardour session file it seems that in the upper regions of the file where tracks sources are defined it is named “Click-2” but this isnt the case in the Route section.

The Forum is getting rid of things I type in the tags shown in the .ardour file.

@sylos: the session file is in XML format, which is strongly related to HTML. If you write things like <something> then the forum software will interpret that as an illegal HTML tag. So you need to turn the < into &lt; and > into &gt; This is true of lots of forum software, by the way (though not all).