Audio Mastering Suite

Just wanted to share this with all of you, was looking for more mastering possibilities and came across this, apparently it’s a JAVA app so it should be croos platform, lets give it a test…

Hmmmm, obviously since it runs with JAVA it will be a bit hard if not impossible to connect it or make it work via JACK, maybe we could get in touch with developer and see if he would like to integrate JACK support with it…


Nice link, thanks for sharing!

I understand what you are saying about JACK of course but I don’t think the idea behind this is to run like a plugin necessarily. If you have a stereo mixdown wav file that you want to put the finishing touches on then ALSA is more than sufficient. Of course it certainly never hurts to ask a developer about including JACK that’s for sure!

Looks useful! But I’ve got no idea about what to do with all them .class