Audio interface with 24 outputs linux

I m looking for a not too expensive audio interface where i can have 24 mono channels as output running on linux. best via usb… is there anything you can recommend? thanks!

Maybe Behringer X32 series or Allen & Heath Qu 32

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thanks for your suggestion, yes this could be an option, though it is for a museum installation where space is crucial, so I do not want to set up a huge mixer, I would just like to have 24 outputs to XLR/ JACK if possible… I know there are some audio interfaces you can use cascading for example 3 of them to get 24 channels, but I m uncertain if this works under linux…

I just saw there is a rack version of the behringer i was not aware of (but seems to have not enough outputs…)!

Maybe the Motu 24Ao :slight_smile:

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You can add an S32 to X32 rack and should be able to have 24 XLR outputs. It works for live situations but I haven’t tested it or meet this config, so I can’t confirm it works under GNU/Linux.

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Can’t say for sure without being in front of one but my memory is that the outputs are mirrored between the different units, so this would still only give 16 discreet outputs IIRC. Also I can’t remember if you can route a track directly to an output or not, so you would have to route it through the aux/group/master for each track if not. Probably not the best solution.


EDIT: My post is referring to the x32 with an s32 or other stagebox.

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thank you guys for the hints. the motu seems to be a good choice, as it sais on the website it is usb audio class compliant. so this could work. I remember in the past with motu it was kind of a binary experience on linux (works or doesnt work at all)

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