Audio input/output different sample rates? (real hardware)


I run ardour with a Layla24 (8 analog outputs + 1 ADAT output)
I have another computer with a Gina 3G (6 analog outputs)
I’d like to be able to use 14 outputs.
My projects are in 44.1 but I’d like to bounce the whole thing in 96 for mastering.

So on the Gina3G I’d like to run the output in 16/44 while recording from the input in 24/96.

I am talking about real hardware capabilities - and I use this command when recording with arecord :
arecord -D hw:CARD=Gina3G,DEV=0 -f S24_3LE -c2 -r96000 --disable-resample --disable-softvol file.wav

So I’m wondering :
is it technically possible to run the hardware input and output at 2 different sample-rates? (without any software conversion)

Also, another thing is that since I’d like the analog output to just forward the ADAT input … which is 44.1 (I can do that with jack) that would mean the ADAT input would be 44.1 while the analog input is still 96.


I just made some tests, and I conclude that a soundcard has only one clock so input and output have to be the same sample-rate.