Audio Grapher won't let me export session

Error that I don’t understand:

ERROR]: Export ended unexpectedly: Exception thrown by AudioGrapher::Threader:
- Dynamic type: AudioGrapher::Exception
- what(): Exception thrown by AudioGrapher::SndfileWriter: Could not write data to output file (Not a valid SNDFILE* pointer.)

What does this mean? I converted a one hour mp3 to wav in order to cut it into pieces with Ardour, this was to become the first ten-minute “chapter”

It means something failed in export. What version of Ardour is this? Does this happen with a nightly?


Hi Seablade, thanks for chiming in … It’s Ardour 3-5-403 but it worked the second time I tried … just got nervous because I didn’t understand. These red letters on black make me scared … and I always want to understand what’s going on. But I’ve got it exported now, and all the other parts too, without any problems.