Audio fíles snap to grid

Hello Ardour users,
do you have an idea whether it is possible with Ardor that if I have set audio files, they can be attached to the grid? I like to sample drum sounds from my synths, building rhythms with them, but when I change the tempo everything shifts. I’m looking for a snap to grid or something like that.

Or is there a other way possible to solve my problem?

Thanks a lot !

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what you are describing is the audio files snapping to the grid. but when you change the tempo, you change the grid. everything “shifts” because the grid itself has shifted. i’m not at my studio right now, but maybe try snapping your audio regions to where you want on the initial grid, then turn off the snap function (a little button in the editor somewhere under the time stamp, and THEN change your tempo. also… what are you trying to do? if you’re using the DAW’s tempo, usually you start with the tempo you want to keep. Maybe there’s a better solution to get you where you want to go.

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Yes you are right. Changing the tempo of audio without using a time skretch doesn’t really make sense.

but again… what are you ultimately trying to accomplish? We might be able to suggest a better method.

Since I build on rhythms, I would like to set the drums with audio files (base, snare, etc.). From time to time I want to adjust the tempo again… it grooves differently sometimes :slight_smile: I didn’t want to use a plugin sampler and set midi… but when I think about it more and more now, it is the best way to set the tempo right from the start. Thanks for your help!

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of course. if by grooves differently sometimes, you mean that you want the tempo or time signature to change from one part of a song to another, that is definitely possible in Ardour. This video is technically for Mixbus but it works exactly the same in Ardour:

The whole video is worth watching, but a little after 5 minutes will show you how to change the tempo or time signature at a certain point in the timeline.

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