Audio file and Region inspector

Audio file and Region inspector: window that lets you view the properties of an audio file, like bit depth, sample-rate, length, format, channels, etc… essentially a dialogue like the one found in the add/import audio file window, but separate and accessible through the windows menu or by control clicking on objects or in regions tab. Also within the audio inspector window show detailed info on the regions associated with the file, allowing one to manually set in/out points by numeric input for a selected region.

Sorry if this is a redundant request and that it’s already implemented in some form, still exploring the ins and outs of ardour 2… super job so far guys!!!

right click on region -> region name -> region editor

this does some of what you want but not all.

in general, we attempt to make audio file information pretty invisible. there are plans to modify this somewhat.

features requests really belong in the issue tracker, btw.

yeah, found the region editor bit after my post. sorry I put a request in the wrong forum… even though this forum is called ‘ideas for ardour’…