Audio export and LUFS

Hi all,

I have an EDM music project in Ardour 7.4. I want to export audio at -7 LUFS.
So in export window I choose:

Normalize Loudness -7 LUFS -1 dBTP

But after export, analysis shows: -9.7 LUFS.
Why can’t I “force” to -7?

Thank you,

What is the dBTP value currently on export in this situation? Is it already -1? If it is that is why you can’t go higher, you would need to apply compression/limiting then to raise the average level of the piece and clamp down on the peaks causing the dBTP to hit -1.




Export Report/Analysis:

Yep, this is exactly what is happening. You are telling Ardour to normalize audio (Which only applies gain to reach needed values), but there are two targets here:

  1. -7 LUFS
  2. Limit Audio to -1 dBTP (Meaning do not allow audio above this value).

As a result Ardour is getting as close to -7LUFS as it can, without allowing audio above -1dBTP. So if you have to reach -7LUFS (Which is, by the way, REALLY high, what exactly are you trying to do here? I don’t know of any platform that wouldn’t apply negative gain to something that strong off hand) you will need to handle those peaks in audio causing it to reach -1dBTP early, and lower their volume(either via automation or compression in most cases).


I will do as you explained,
thank you.


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