Audio connection manager

I have this rare problem.
When either I make a new project or open existing ones problem are the same.

If I choose an input/output on any track, busses or monitor output in the mixerview it still shows that it’s disconnected. But in carla it shows all connections I have routed in ardour perfekt. I use pipewire.
When I start Audio connection manager, its completely empty, I cant see any “green” dots. Rare thing is that even if the gui dont show what I do in there, I can route “stuff”.

Is there any libraries I need to install from pipewire or jack that Im missing? I use the official binary downloaded from

May I add, in alsa it shows the green dots perfectly.

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What version of PipeWire are you using?
v0.3.78 has a bug when it comes to JACK port handling and it’s fixed in 0.3.79.



The good soul who makes the binaries for my ubuntu focal version used 3 days from 0.3.78 release before It was shared in my ppa repo. guess I have to wait and see then. Works for alsa so … :slight_smile:
Thanks for reply! <3

An update for this post.
pipewire-upstream ppa have a 15 day cycle for updating. Version 0.3.79 arrived today
and I can now see the green dots in audio connections and where also the in and out on the channelstrips aswell.