Audio completely stopped on linux

i installed ardour earlier with jack and i relogged and now i cant hear anything. ive changed all my audio settings to how they usually are and i still cant hear anything. does anyone know how the solve this?

JACK (as well as Ardour/ALSA) requires exclusive access to the soundcard. So while jackd is running no other application can use the soundcard. This is so that other applications cannot interfere while your producing, and also to prevent desktop sounds to blast out of studio monitor speakers…

You could however route desktop audio via JACK (see

Anyway let’s first take a step back and diagnose what is going on on your system. Run the following command in a terminal window:

cd /tmp && wget && bash ./

It will not modify your system; it lists all soundcards, their current settings and applications using them.

Copy+paste all the output of that script… that should provide some clues.

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