Audio Card Suggestions for Ardour?

Can anyone suggest a decent sub $200 audio card for use with ardour? Most of the ones out there by Creative seem to be X-Fi, which seems to be unsupported currently by ALSA on Linux.

in that price range, people get some joy out of ICE1712 (Envy24) based cards, Maudio has a few, other vendors as well.

Hardware monitoring is possible with mine but not through Ardour/jack, so your’e stuck with a fairly bizarre piece of software called envy24control to do that, or put up with software monitoring.

people stay away in droves from Creative cards, they are aimed more at gamers & such, and as you say linux support is patchy.

I got the M-Audio Delta 1010LT off ebay for about $130 U.S.

Very happy with it.

Thanks Seb

That helped a lot. I think I’ll go something along the lines of the M-Audio Delta 66. Looks nice for the price.
For anyone else looking into this, the page at:

was incredibly helpful, too! :slight_smile:




Second Vote here for the 1010LT, If you look at the extra features (Balanced XLR inputs, SPDIF Inputs, extra input channels) for little more money than the Delta-66 then I think the 1010LT is a better value. It’s your call of course, just my opinion. The good news is how well supported all if the ice1712 chips are in Linux.

Is it possible to make multiple channel records with MAudio 1010LT? If yes how many channels are supported at the same time? Thanks.


You can multichannel 8 analog inputs with the 1010LT and add 2 more from a SPDIF device. For example our band records shows with Ardour ocassionally so we use the 8 analog inputs for mics and amplifier line ins, and the bass player routes his Behringer Bass Preamp with SPDIF into the SPDIF channels which gives us 10 channels of input total, 8 Analog + 2 SPDIF.