Audio breaking up

Hello list.
I’m on V6 and just upgraded to 6.2. and OS 10.15.6
Still very new to Ardour so apologies if I’m missing something.
I’m currently running a large project with I don’t really know how many audio tracks as I’m not sure how to find that number out.
Anyway. The problem is with the audio playback. Everytime I hit play the audio playback is breaking the sound up. All my audio is imported from a Tascam portable recorder recording at 16bit 44.1khz and is imported into a project at 44.1k in Ardour.
I’m only trying to use Ardour as a tape machine where I can impord recordings and then edit them up and mix them onto longer pieces but at the moment my setup is unworkable.

Any help would be great.


What are you using for an audio interface? What settings are shown on the audio/midi setup page?: image

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 21.26.51

I dropped it to 512 sampes and its fine. Odd as I would have thought in having a larger buffer size would be better?

But thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Yes, my experience has always been use low numbers for tracking and bumping it up for mixing/mastering but it’s probably more complicated than that and depends on all sorts of factors including type of interface, CPU etc. Who knows? I’ve always lived within the 64–1024 sample range without any issues. Someone with more understanding about buffering would have to chip in. But…great that it is now working as expected! :smiley:

Yes. Thank you for the help
Now to work out why it just randomly crashes a bunch of the time :’(

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