Audient iD44 returned

Since moving entirely over to Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon I’ve been using my Behringer UMC204HD for live tracking down at 64 samples with absolutely zero problems. Not a single x-run in either ALSA or JACK. I switched on my iD44 for an editing/mastering project in Mixbus 32C v6 (and also tested in Ardour 5.12) and had no end of audio glitches (a little like vinyl crackles every few seconds) and occasional x-runs even at 1024 buffer size (3 periods) at 48k (to be crystal clear, the number of audio glitches far out-weighed the number of x-runs). Nothing changed on the system. I even went back to the 204HD and also my M-Audio 192 and, again, zero problems at the same buffer settings.

If all my devices were acting up I’d do significantly more testing but, alas, life is too short for only one device acting up so I called Sweetwater and managed to get a complete refund and purchased a UR44 as replacement (which from what I read is 100% compatible in Linux).

I wonder if others have experienced anything similar? My gut tells me it could be something to do with the iD44 being recognized as a quad 4.0 output versus stereo or the broken pipe response when trying to select it in alsamixer and, perhaps, the fact that I was running it from the supplied USB 2.0 C to USB A cable? Behringer (and the UR44) runs from USB B to USB A. It probably shouldn’t make any difference, of course. I swapped USB ports too and actually it got worse moving from a rear USB 3.1 to a front USB 2.0 (even though, again, the 204HD works just fine on both).

It’s definitely an academic exercise at this point given the iD44 is returned but if others have experienced this and fixed it, maybe it might help me get a few extra minutes of sleep :wink: I hear horror stories about Audient’s Windows drivers but didn’t think the class-compliant part would have such issues.

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