AU and VST3 plugins not showing GUIs in v6.9.0 on MacOS

I have a couple of virtual instruments that I am trying use in Ardour6.9.0 on a Mac.
the plugins are:
Arturia Augmented Strings
Spitfire Audio Labs - multiple patches, including Philip Glass’s piano

Both of these will open GUIs in Hosting AU for comparison.
In Ardour, they are detected and you can make a MIDI track with each, but you can only play whatever patch it defaults to…
No GUIs, and no way to change the patches.
I tried both the AU and VST3 versions.

Any thoughts?

oh I should add that I tested this on multiple different Macs, running Catalina through Monterrey…

What happens when you try to open the Plugin GUI? Is there anything in Window > Log.

It has been a while, but I have tested Labs while developing VST3 support for Ardour, so this is odd.

my bad… it is working… i was trying to double click on the VSTi in the Editor view, not the Mixer…

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