Attenuator automation

Lua Ardour 7, how to program attenuator automation?

Are you talking about some sort of plugin, or about fader automation?



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Sorry! fader automation

Look here:



yes, but width lua script?

Oh, so by “program”, you mean with code?

Sorry, I misunderstood. I can’t, currently, help you with this, but others may be able to.



no problem! Thank for your answers

Although I can’t help with the answers, I would like to qualify the question slightly as that might attract others to step in with a reply.

There are two main ways you can automate in Ardour:

Onr is using a LUA script which you load into Ardour and execute

The other is to remote control Ardour from another, external, application using OSC.

Which of these are you looking for information on?



Ardour comes with an example script snippet:

Also see the script folder in general, there are a couple of examples for automation.

Thanks! I am a beginner !
The API documentation is very dense and you need to have a good idea of everything to start writing code.

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