Atom Heart Mother played at an ancient Roman Amphitheatre

Here’s my band Pink Tones playing at Segobriga’s Roman Amphitheatre.
We used Ardour to mix the tracks, although, magically, we didn’t have to do anything.
Actually we only put a high pass filter in the female voice, some delay in that voice, and that’s it. No EQ or comp or anything in any other tracks.

Can I ask if you also used Ardour for recording?

Certainly does look like a very wonderful day was had by everyone.

No, but not for any particular reason other that the guy that recorded it used another program.
We used Ardour several times for recording and absolutely no problem. Fantastic program.

Here’s a photo with everyone in the end of the day that show how wonderful and good vibes was all of it :slight_smile:


Super cool! love the original Pompeii film so what a interesting idea since you guys are such a great tribute band… Speaking of ‘Pink Tones’ looks like a few of the orchestra players are getting a sunburn from being out of the concert hall and in the sun for so long :slight_smile:

Glad you liked!
We all got really burned that incredible day, correct! :smiley:
Specilly the girl in the Orchestra and one of the trumpet players.
But it was so worthy