AT2020USB input/Internal card output. How to...?

Hi friends,

I have bougth a Audio-Technica USB microphone (AT2020USB+)
If I select this microphone in the input device I can’t select a diferent sournd card for the output device.

I must select, the same AT2020USB for the input and the output. :frowning:

Can I solve it?

I am running Ardour 4.5.3 in PCLinuxOS.

Kernel 4.4.9


First update Ardour. Second select ALSA backend. Third Make music.


Hi Seablade,

thanks! :slight_smile:

I selected ALSA as backend without succes…

It was bug? I must update Ardour?

In Qjacktl or Cadence uncheck “Duplex Mode” then you should be able to independently select your Input and output devices

Yes braxtons12,
Thank you very much!!
SOLVED :slight_smile:


Ardour 4.5 does not have the option to select two devices on the ALSA backend, that was introduced in 4.6 IIRC. Plus it is a good idea to stay close to up to date as well.



yes, I was wrong, with Qjackctl I can’t select both devices.
Then I have to wait for an update in PCLinuxOS.


Aleph: that is incorrect. QJackctl has been able to select two different devices since it was first written.

But there are good reasons why you should not do this.