Asterisk (changes indicator) in full screen?

Hi, I’ve been working with Ardor for several months (since version 6 came out) and I’m very satisfied.
I mainly work in full screen mode and there is one thing I have not been able to fix:
Working in normal mode, when there is a change in the project, an asterisk indicates it in the title bar, but when working in full screen mode (and the title bar disappears), there is no indication of changes.
I have consulted the manual, this forum, the web, etc … but I have not been able to find if there is any way to indicate changes in full screen.
Could an indicator be implemented in the bar where the CPU usage, sample rate, etc is reported? Or does it already exist and I can’t find it?
Thank you very much!

PS English is not my native language

Maybe in my previous post I didn’t explain it very well.
Obviously my need is not to know if there have been changes in the project, but to confirm that when I press CTRL + S (save), the project has been correctly saved. In full screen mode it’s impossible to confirm this, and I’ve sometimes lost part of my work after an Ardour crash. :pensive:
Does no one else see the need for a change indicator (save confirmation) visible in full screen mode?
Or perhaps I should see a psychiatrist to treat my possible obsessive-compulsive disorder? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :joy:

Thank you!

I forgot about following up here. Just goes to show that a forum is not a great place for keeping track of issues.

Ideally this would be a feature-request on

It’s a good and valid request and adding an indicator to the status-bar is a good idea, too. Thanks for suggesting it.

I routinely press ctrl + s every couple of minutes and also save a snapshot just before any big or potentially dangerous edit. I recommend doing this since it has saved my bacon many times. I never look at the change indicator because I know when I make a change.

Just added this in Ardour 6.3-124-g5f6aa7ffdb, should be in tomorrow’s nightly



I do that too
Thanks anyway!

Perfect! That’s exactly what I’m talking about!
I’ll wait to try it out until the next stable version.
Thank you very much! You do a great job!

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