assigning jog wheel in generic midi mode

I have a BCF2000 that isn’t playing nicely with Mackie mode (doesn’t work sometime, crashes ardour frequently) but works correctly in generic midi mode. I don’t mind losing Mackie mode, except I can’t figure out how to assign the jog wheel function to one of my pot knobs. Is there somewhere I can ctrl+middle click to assign the jog wheel, or perhaps an editable xml file somewhere?

Thanks much,
– Alex

I guess you’re thinking about working with music
but when you want to sync sounds with a movie
or when you want to edit dialogues
then a jog wheel is very usefull

@yves: what for?

well. there might be a good alternative workflow, but for me working on movie a jogwheel helped finding the keyframes, or the beginning of a phrase, this goes quite fast with a jog wheel (i.e. on fairlight), at least faster than by mouse or ffwd/rwd… it feels more organic… also i understand that its kind of a relic from the analog days…

@apmontgo: ardour has no jog wheel. so you have a couple of choices (i’m speaking generically here, not specifically about the bcf2000)

  • use a jog wheel in a mode where it sends MMC shuttle or jog messages, and enable MMC control in ardour
  • ctrl-middle click on the shuttle controller at the left of the transport control bar and bind to this. this provides shuttle control (ffwd, rewind), not jog control.

Your mileage may vary, but from what I’ve seen, jog or “scrub” operations are really over-rated and a left over from tape-based operations where the many other options that a DAW offers you were not available. It is very hard to use scrub to accomplish anything faster,. or even just as fast, as it can be done by other methods, or better.

Thanks Paul, that’s good to know. I guess I can learn to not depend on a jog wheel. Unfortunately, I’ve found that when I try to bind to the shuttle controller, it only works for that session. Actually this seems true for many controls that I’d like to bind to. In the next session I’m greeted with a series of error messages in the form of:
“[WARNING]: Generic MIDI control: controllable 0 not found in session (ignored)”

I’m guessing this has something to do with this bug, although my case has nothing to do with plugins:

I’m admittedly running a very risky version of ardour (Gentoo’s 2.9999 svn-based build as of yesterday) which means that I could’ve just caught the repository in a state of flux, but it is odd nonetheless. Most controls (per channel mute, solo, faders, pan pots, etc) will save and rebind for the next session, just not shuttle, per-track record enable, play, or stop.

Is this a known issue?

– Alex

One solution is to create a new session, map all of your controls, and save that as a template. Then you can use the template to begin each subsequent session and the control bindings will be there every time.

@apmontgo: its a known issue, but its not been logged in the bug tracker, so please do that. and for reference sake, the repository for 2.X is basically feature frozen at this point - there are no substantive changes taking place at all.