Assign monitor bus to a bluetooth receiver

I would like to create a monitor bus that redirect the sound to my bluetooth receiver. I can define alsa pcm device in .asoundrc:

pcm.BTR { type bluetooth device 00:17:83:48:C1:02 profile "hifi" }

But i don’t know how to configure Jack and/or alsa to have this device being show in qjackctl connections (in “writable audio device”).

I think this would allow me to assign the monitor bus output to the bluetooth receiver.

Am I right ?
Any suggestions ?

hey! sounds like an interesting idea :slight_smile:
the problem I see with that is the limitation of jack1 : if you can set up jack to use this alsa device, you won’t be able to use any other device. Jack2 shall be able to handle more than one device at a time (IIRC). But maybe some asoundrc wizardry can solve this by defining a single virtual device that binds your different h/w devices. But I don’t know how good jack handles made up virtual devices. It is probably preferable to have jackd to talk directly to hw:x … but if you get anywhere, please report back.

there’s a general limitation with having more than one sound device which is that clocks can drift apart. The slightest mismatch in samle rate between sound cards will ultimately lead to a noticeable time lag. It will never work unless devices run on the same quarz or are otherwise hardware-syncronised.
For a bluetooth monitor it would maybe be OK to drop a sample every so often or slip another one in, but jack doesn’t do dirty tricks like that.