Assign a function to a pot on behringer x-touch compact (mackie mode)


I’ve got a Behringer X-touch Compact, and I am struggling / missing something when trying to assign a midi function to an existing potentiometer. Specifically, I’m trying to assign “pot 10” to function as the trim knob for a given track.

I have the x-connect configured as a control surface, and am also using jack with a2jmidi to connect the x-connect to the midi-in of Ardour. The control surface works as expected for both midi and mackie, etc.

Running midi tracer, turning pot 10, does not trigger any events, but pushing the button on the pot generates this:

11:31:54.048694 NoteOn chn 1 29 7f
11:31:54.176229 NoteOff chn 1 29 40

So I assume that pot is not “configured or seen” as having a Controller function, like some of the 1-8 pan pots, which generate this even when rotated:

11:38:11.592238 Controller chn 1 10 01
11:38:11.737269 Controller chn 1 10 01
11:38:11.975359 Controller chn 1 10 01

I can middle mouse click and assign the trim knob to the push event of the pot, but that is not very helpful.

Is there a way or a guide where I can use midi or mackie to assign any random knob (trim, plugin eqs, etc) to the controller function of this pot or am I limited to that pot only functioning as a push button?


As a follow up, I managed to create a mapping as a generic midi device for my xtouch compact, by kind of reverse engineering the bcf2000 map and comparing it to the midi traces from the behringer manual. The only functionality I’m missing is the solo /mute buttons on the control surface staying lit after being pressed. It works the opposite way, if I mute a track, the button will illuminate.

Still would like to figure that out, and if there is an action / function that “selects” a track the same way that was possible in mackie mode.