ASM Compile error in svn version.

I am one of those people who just can’t wait…

But unfortunately, my latest svn checkout didn’t want to compile on my machine (Gentoo linux 32 bit, GCC 3.4.6).

this is what I get:

libs/ardour/ In function void setup_hardware_optimization(bool)': libs/ardour/ error: impossible constraint inasm’
scons: *** [libs/ardour/globals.os] Error 1

I know this probably belongs in the bug section, but I can’t think of versio number to attach it to, so here it is! :wink:

I’m not much of an asm programmer, so I wont try to debug it futher.

I don’t believe ‘l’ is a valid constraint. Try changing that line to use ‘=r’. If that doesn’t work, switch the ‘popl’ and ‘movl’ lines and use ‘=m’.

That worked. Thanks.

I changed ‘=l’ into ‘=r’. Didn’t try the other one.

What does this code do by the way?

It seems to me that it detects the architecture, is that correct?

Someone should commit the change to svn :wink:

Thanks for noticing the issue. Fixed in SVN.

It checks to see if the current processor has SSE instructions.