As a AVL-MXE user do I need to download a new file after paying?

I guess the title is the question. I am on AVL-MXE 21 with Ardour 6.9 installed. I just paid for Ardour - do I need to reinstall a new copy?

No, what you have on there is the exact same version that you have paid for, it’s fully functional and fully supported by the Ardour developers. The only thing to be aware of is with the generous permission of @paul I take Ardour’s official binary and wrap it in a Debian ‘Deb’ Package so it is compatible with the build system I use to make AVL-MXE… If you want to remove the version of Ardour that comes on the AVL-MXE ISO it will appear in Synaptic as ‘’. Once it has been removed future upgrades of Ardour are just downloaded from and installed as you normally would on any system. For the record it is the same procedure with Harrison Mixbus 32C except it is NOT the registered version, it is unregistered in demo mode, a registration key must be purchased from Harrison (unless you already own a key).

Although you already had a so-called paid version of Ardour on there THANK-YOU for paying for Ardour, the whole point of presenting Ardour in a fully functional way on AVL-MXE is to give people the chance to try it in a proper environment with a good set of Plugins and my hope and intention is that when it is time to update/upgrade that people will either buy their next Ardour version or start a subscription to support the project in the way the Developers intend.

This is a also touched on in the User Manual:

Ardour Digital Audio Workstation – This is the top featured Open Source DAW included in AVL-MXE and has been in development for 20+ years. Outdated versions can be found in Repositories but it is very important to note that Ardour provides it’s own self-contained ‘bundles’ built with their own custom patched versions of supporting libraries and it’s developers ONLY support these bundles. In addition Ardour is Open Source but it is payware so Users are expected to either purchase the Ardour binary bundles or optionally build their own versions from Source Code. AVL-MXE provides a complementary fully paid and functional up to date version of Ardour on the ISO but upgrades will need to be purchased at the User’s discretion.

Thanks for the reply… I can wait until 7 is out then. Before needing a new

For the record it is the same procedure with Harrison Mixbus 32C except it is NOT the fully functional version, it is a demo…

@GMaq For clarity (and AFAIK, of course) the actual software you are distributing as a “demo” is bit-for-bit identical to the “official” version: the difference is the absence of the appropriate license_key_harrison_*.txt file in one of the the well-known locations in / under one’s $HOME directory.

Yes, that is correct… You’re right I guess ‘NOT fully-functional’ could be misleading… It is the full version of Mixbus32C without a registration key.

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