Arturia Spark

Has anyone used Arturia Spark with Ardour? I’m interested to know if I can use the multiple outputs of Spark. If I route sound in Spark’s own mixer to Spark’s master channel then all is well and sound is routed successfully to Ardour’s mixer. If I use Spark’s other outputs (to separate the different drum sounds to different mixer channels) then I hear nothing in Ardour. If I was using Logic I could add auxilliary mixer channels to deal with the different outputs from Spark. Is there a way of doing something similar in Ardour?

Many thanks

Yes Aux Sends in Ardour should be equivalent. You create a Bus that you can route the output to the appropriate output of your spark.

I have not used the spark itself but that is generally how it works with any multi-output interface so long as it is supported by your OS (Which since you posted in OS X section, I assume that is what you are using:)


Thanks seablade! Yes, I can see that this is possible now, though I have some learning to do before I get it all working. But now I can see that is is worth the learning … Cheers!