Arturia Audiofuse interface debuts. Linux compatibility from the outset

I read the NAMM news and was pleasantly surprised at this new product from Arturia, the Audiofuse USB interface with PC, Mac, iOS, Android & Linux compatibility. I think I am going to get one, not just because of its Linux support but because it looks like a neat interface with ADAT support amongst others.

PS…I dont work for Arturia, I know questions about Linux audio interfaces frequent comes up and thought about posting it here.

great looking interface.

though a bit pricey for that i could by a behringer xair 16 channel live desk which doubles up as a 16 channel audio interface.

But i suppose you really have to pay for top quality preamps and ad/da converters

opening up support to all platforms is the way forward

and now i see why its priced the way it is with temperature controlled oscilators and capacitor free cuircuits

The Behringer XAIR looks pretty neat. Thanks for sharing.


Very interesting to me at least. It has the possibility of becoming a replacement for a Duet on my Macbook Pro, but the question of course comes down to, how do the preamps sound. I like the possibility of hooking it to a tablet as well, means I could throw it on my iPad with my keyboard attached and have some fun as well.


Is this the first time an audio interface actually advertised linux compatibiity? Sure we all interfaces which work on linux at some level but I don’t recall any company acknowledging working with linux in such a direct way. This is a big step for linux audio.

Nope. RME, Sound Devices, come to mind immediately. And actually a few manufacturers like Focusrite worked directly with the FFADO folks IIRC to support development of the drivers for some of their interfaces, but could have the last part a bit blurry:)


I agree with Edward Diehl. I use a Multiface II on Debian, but nowhere on the RME website i see written down “compatible with Linux”. I didn’t find it on the Multiface II page. I didn’t find it on the drivers download page.

While Arturia announces clearly “USB interface with PC, Mac, iOS, Android & Linux compatibility”. I think it makes quite a difference, even if we have to wait a bit to actually know how good will be this support compared to the one for Windows and Mac.

I agree with Edward Diehl. I use a Multiface II on Debian, but nowhere on the RME website i see written down "compatible with Linux". I didn't find it on the Multiface II page. I didn't find it on the drivers download page.

Actually while they may not now, for a long time they did advertise this compatibility, and supported the driver development, I believe Paul even did the initial development, can’t remember if they paid for it or not.

Also as I mentioned, Sound Devices also advertises it, see…

Finally I would say that, as of right now, other companies,such as RME, Focusrite, Echo Audio, etc. have actually done more work to support Linux, as opposed to writing a device that is class compliant and labeling it Linux compatible. I don’t mean to be harsh on Arturia here, they did the right thing from what it looks like, though I do have questions on how the software controlled features of it do work in Linux. In a video I watched they mentioned for instance switching the second set of inputs between 1/4" and phono is a software controlled feature, and balancing between the levels of the two sets of monitors IIRC. Not general features certainly, but could be important anyways.


Heh what do you know, they even kept archives of some of the older pages…


Ah yes, ok, you’re right. So that’s a pity that RME don’t show as much interest about Linux as they used to do.