Article on Ardour in german mag

I wrote another article on Ardour for the german magazine Linux User. It is out in its 01.2015 issue.

The text features the recent improvements in A3 and especially the video-timeline including a short tutorial on harvid.

BTW.: since I made some money as it was printed, I made a donation. For my taste: giving something back for the fun of it is cool, giving something back, when earning with it should be undisputed standard-procedure.

Ardour made me stick with GNU/Linux for about 15 years now. It was not the only reason but the game changer for me. Thanks a lot to Paul, Robin, Dave, Tim, Carl, Torben and all the others. You rock!

I had the opportunity to test drive Tracktion and Bitwig last year and did it extensively. While I consider Tracktion interesting and Bitwig formidable I still have good reasons to use my full-fledged Licenses for both only occasionly and continue to make my music with Ardour.
Its not perfect, but its just great in so many aspects that I happily abandon the others whithout the need to evoke zealot-mode :wink:

Already at kiosk? :wink:

Hi zettberlin, nice.

Is the full text available online?

Harvid tutorial sounds intriguing. What do you cover in that part?
Is there anything that could go to or can be translated for use at ?

@sonnie should be out as of now.

@x42 the Harvid-tutorial is brief and in German (obviously :wink: ) it boils down to a short explanation of how it works and this workaround, that is not that obvious:

cd /usr/bin
sudo su
ln -s ffprobe ffmpeg_harvid
ln -s ffprobe ffprobe_harvid

As this is a workaround, that should not apply for too long, I recommend to not include it into any documentation that is intended to apply in he future and in most given set ups.

Anyway, I can see to write a overview on harvid-usage based on my recent experience with Ardour… shall I? :wink: Concat me via E-Mail if so: zettberlin AT

Deutsch - kein problem :slight_smile:

Thanks for elaborating.
Aah, so this is only for distros who did not read ardour packaging information. Nevermind then. Yes it will hopefully trickle down.

The main idea was to work around the libav avconv/ffmpeg debacle, and the _harvid suffix was chosen because the ffmpeg binaries come with the the harvid binary-installer (which is not limited to ardour). Ardour bundles from and the nightly builds include those tools.

Older versions of ardour also checked for “ffmpeg” if “ffmpeg_harvid” was not found, but the feedback was pretty negative. Too many version compatibility issues and no way to guarantee that video import/export works as expected in a professional environment. If a user creates those symlinks we assume s/he knows what s/he is doing.

PS. the ardour manual is online and open to public contributions at

Deiner E-Mail Adresse fehlt vermutlich ein r, oder? :wink:

Nee ; use is schon richtig :wink: